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Earth Looms

Earth Looms are fixed or freestanding wooden structures installed in your outside play space, which are strung to create a loom. Weaving together traditional fibers like wool, cloth and string as well as vines, sticks, feathers, grasses and reeds that the children can collect from around the school grounds or whilst on a nature walk, a seasonal canvas can evolve. In summer it may be grasses and wild flowers, in autumn the fallen leaves, and in winter it may be that you string nuts and popcorn for the birds to feed on…

Children of all ages and abilities love to weave and weaving fits well into many learning objectives. The collaborative nature of working on such a project is beautiful to witness, and yet there is also the opportunity to look back on parts that each individual created. The canvas is then taken off and can be hung around the school grounds to enhance the outside space, or inside a classroom for the children to discuss. The loom is then restrung and ready for a new project.

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