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Natural Play

The Outdoor Classrooms i create are structures that will enendure throughout childhood, Nestling easily into a schools playing field, this natrual building is an unobtrusive way to create an enduring learning space for your school.

Outdoor Classroom

A lifelong passion for the outdoor world, applied to decades of carpentry skills allows me to offer a wide variety of ways for your school to thrive in the playground. A sense of fun works alongside a design eye to create timeless and intriguing spaces. Your installation or project would be personalised to your needs and interests, creating a unique space for your school to enjoy for many years to come.


From the moment we came up with this idea to the final nail being put in our school could not have been happier with the service, advice and workmanship of Jason. When we first thought of the project it was very much a dream that we felt may not come to fruition. Jason showed us that is was very much viable and that this project was achieve able academically, financially and structurally. This woodland hut project really has finished off the space perfectly and throughout the whole process Jason has been able to adapt and change where required to help build this working space.When we approached Jason to do this he was able to come up with a design that exceeded our expectations. This building now allows children to work inside but still feel very much a part of the outside. All the materials he used were locally sourced which was a really important factor to use and has allowed the hut to blend in to its surroundings.We cannot fault the way he handled the project and allowed children to see and experience the building process so they to felt just as much a part of it. The hut is now used for a multitude of uses and is integral to the school. I would not hesitate to recommend Jason if you wanted something like this.

Steve Wallis P.E. Co-ordinator Hobletts Manor Junior school


Focus on detail


All the installations are made with love and care. I take great pride in the works i create and will spend hours on making each one magical and very unique.


Timbers used in construction


I have pictures and videos documenting how the whole structure is turned from diffrent species of trees, into the timbers which are used to make the wooden learning areas   . . Its often the case that this is a great school project.

See more pictures of my work @

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