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Wonderful Willow

Willow Maintenance

Do you have an existing willow structure in your school grounds that is in need of attention? Is it overgrown and getting out of hand to maintain. I offer a reweaving, reshaping, pruning, and maintenance service. Please contact me with a few pictures and a description of your structure and i will get back to you

Willow domes and willow tunnels

Living willow domes and tunnels are beautiful structures which both blend in and enhance any outside space. They can be used as ‘outdoor classrooms’, and I believe help children connect with nature and use their natural environment for imaginative play. One day they are a fairy grotto, the next a giants cave….

The success of your newly planted living willow structure depends on good willow maintenance. 

Once your living willow structure has been planted leave to establish and take root. Keeping the children away from the structure at this point is a good idea.

If there is no rain within the first few weeks of having your willow structure planted then it will need a good soaking. 

Keep your grounds maintenance contractors well away from your structure with their powerful strimmers. its often the case that they will ring bark the willow structure, this will end up killing it. 

Water water water in hot or dry weather. A good soak once a week is much better than frequent small amounts. 

If you need anymore info on living willow maintenance please contact me . .  I am only to happy to help and share my willow knowledge . . 

Willow tunnel
bench dome
Willow dome and tunnel
willow dome
Living Willow Dome
Living Willow Tunnel
living willow domes and tunnels
Living Willow Dome
Willow Tunnel
Willow dome
Living willow dome
living willow tunnel
Living Willow Pods
Living willow screen
Living Willow Dome
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